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Cooperation by Hansea companies

Proof that our companies can also help each other

Two weeks ago, on Friday, 12 May 2017, the driver Luc Van Hemel (De Duinen nv), together with 3 colleagues, was ready to depart from Nieuwpoort to go to Dilbeek, after a school excursion to Ypres and the coast.
At that moment, he informed his colleagues that he did not feel well. He felt dizzy and had pain in his chest. His colleagues lost not time, but proceeded to notify both De Duinen (manager Boudewijn Langmans) as well as the 112 service. Luc was taken to the hospital in Veurne, while Boudewijn started looking urgently for another driver. He had no one free at that moment, and even if he did, he could not be in Nieuwpoort rapidly because of the heavy traffic.
He contacted Bruno Seurinck (HR) to find out whether there were other motor coach companies in the vicinity. Bruno pointed out that Georges sprl was probably still an option. Fortunately, there was a driver available who was free immediately. So he left at once for Nieuwpoort and then with the motor coach (coincidentally the former coach of Blaise) for Dilbeek.
An investigation subsequently showed that Luc Van Hemel had suffered a heart attack. He then suffered a second one on Saturday, after which two stents were placed.

Fortunately, Luc is now improving.

We wish him a speedy recovery!