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Environmentally friendly with thirty Scania Euro 6's: first ten vehicles already delivered

After a pilot project with an initial Scania Citywide Low Entry at the B&C depot in Turnhout, Hansea ordered an additional 29 vehicles. This means that thirty vehicles can be replaced, of which many had been in service for over fifteen years, but this also includes replacements which enable us to once again maintain the average age of 7 years per contract by 2015. "Positive experiences with the prototype that was used at B&C convinced us of the quality and operational deployability on offer. Some additional adaptations were passed for type approval by De Lijn. With these thirty Scanias on order, Hansea is the very first operator to use vehicles that correspond to the new specifications by De Lijn that require, amongst others, the use of Euro 6 engines. We opted for a 310 bhp strong 9 liter and 5 cilinder Euro 6 engine in combination with a closed particulate filter and the addition of 'AdBlue additive' but without EGR", explains technical director Mario Provez. "Now we have ten Scanias on the road, from the depots Geenens (Vloesberg), Weyn (Stekene), B&C (Turnhout), De Valk (Heusden-Zolder) and VBM (Lommel). The remaining vehicles will be delivered towards the end of the year. Drivers are undoubtedly delighted about the ergonomical driver's cab with all its functions within easy reach. The travel route display can also be adjusted from the dashboard. Some small adjustments for the benefit of the driver's comfort are still being considered."

"The new Scanias are also 'ReTiBo'-ready. Software and equipment have already been installed in view of the new registration and ticketing system ReTiBo that will be phased in by De Lijn from 2015-2016."