By 2025, public transport in central cities will be compulsorily emission-free. That is already within 4 years. Not only governments and bus manufacturers are working hard on e-mobility policies, but at Hansea, we are also working towards a greener future. We look at the many options in the market and also keep an eye on new developments. We even have an electric Hansea bus on the road already!

Man Lion’s City E
At first glance you would not say so when you see it driving, but since mid-February an all-electric MAN bus has been driving at De Polder in Antwerp. The bus, which looks like an ordinary MAN Lion's City bus, is 100% electric. With an autonomy of 200 km you can drive it for a full shift without having to recharge in between. Who knows, maybe we'll soon be taking you to your destination with zero emissions? The MAN Lion's City E will be deployed on the Antwerp line 36 between Rooseveltplaats and Linkeroever.

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Of course, it doesn't stop there. In the week of March 15, 2021, ALSTOM's innovative Aptis bus also paid a visit to Antwerp. For three days, the 100% electric bus was extensively tested. Unlike the MAN Lion's City E, this bus does not look like an ordinary scheduled bus. The two axles are at the ends of the bus and can both rotate, making the bus very maneuverable. Want to see the bus in action at De Polder? Check out ATV's report here!

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After Antwerp, it is Limburg's turn. They too will soon be introduced to the 100% electric bus from Alstom. To be continued...

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