Hansea prioritises entrepreneurship, sustainability and ethical practices. Our organisation always strives to create a company culture in which everyone feels heard and valued. People-centric working methods are the priority. That is why Hansea is implementing the Belgian whistleblowing act. This article sets out how we will apply this law in practice.

As an organisation, we place a great deal of importance on our values and the well-being of our staff and customers. We therefore welcome the Belgian whistleblowing act of 28 November 2022, which compels businesses to provide a reporting channel for abuse or fraud. This act, implemented according to the 'EU-whistleblower protection directive', aligns perfectly with our values and stresses the importance of ethical practices.

Concerns about irregularities or fraudulent practices? Get in touch.

At Hansea, we will always offer a safe context. By taking proactive measures, we stimulate a safe environment in which we, as an organisation, are open to reports from whistleblowers. Furthermore, we endeavour to keep the threshold for communicating concerns as low as possible. That is why we are creating a registration point for reporting concerns about irregularities, malpractice or fraud.

You can decide whether to make your report anonymously or use your name. We guarantee that we will treat your identity in the strictest confidence, because we believe ethical practices are hugely important. You will never experience negative consequences as a result of your report.

I have submitted a report, what happens now?

Once you have submitted your report, you will receive a token which allows you to follow any progress. We will also ensure that you receive confirmation of receipt within seven calendar days. Our reports manager will investigate and process each report without bias and always take account of our ethical standards. Within three months of receipt, we will update you on the steps and any further actions that have been taken.

In the meantime, if you wish to report anything else or get something off your chest, please take action so that we can create a safe, respectful and fair working environment for everyone.